Decreto-Lei n.º 111/2018

Publicação: Diário da República n.º 238/2018, Série I de 2018-12-11
  • Emissor:Presidência do Conselho de Ministros
  • Entidade Proponente:Adjunto e Economia
  • Tipo de Diploma:Decreto-Lei
  • Número:111/2018
  • Páginas:5733 - 5735
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Summary in plain english (Without legal value)

What is it?

This decree-law incorporates the Programme of Investment Attraction to the Interior Region (PC2II) and establishes the rules applicable to investment projects qualified as Investment Project to the Interior Region (PII).

What is going to change?

The Programme of Investment Attraction to the Interior Region (PC2II) is incorporated.

This Programme aims to attract new investors for the interior regions and reinforce the existing investments in these regions.

The PC2II is executed in two ways:

    • Through the attraction of private investment to the interior region;
    • Through the acknowledgement and follow-up of investment projects to the interior region.

To attract investment projects to the interior territories, the Commission of Investment Attraction to the Interior Region (CI) is created.

The acknowledgement and follow-up of the PII is carried out by the Permanent Commission of Investment Support (CPAI).

CI’s competences:

    • Establish an investment attraction campaign (through actions of dissemination and promotion of investment activities in the interior territories);
    • Monitor the PC2II’s execution;
    • Identify and contact potential investors;

Which business investment projects may be recognized as PII?

As business investment projects may be deemed the ones which, among other conditions:

    • Represent a global investment equal or higher than 10 million euros;
    • Create a number of direct jobs equal or higher than 25;
    • Are economically viable;
    • Are environmentally and territorially sustainable;
    • Use the internal resources of the region in which they are integrated or create innovative goods and services.

This decree-law adapts the scheme envisaged for the Potential National Interest projects to the PII.

What advantages does it bring?

This decree-law, by incorporating the PC2II, ensures a more sustainable economic growth, the creation of more jobs and the settling of population in the interior region.

The PC2II aims to dynamize and value the interior territories, through the business investment attraction in these areas of the country.

The special scheme, established in this diploma, aims to make the administrative proceedings faster and more efficient in order to execute the PII.

When does it enter into force?

This decree-law enters into force on the day following its publication.

This text is intended to present the content of the legal act in accessible, plain and understandable language for citizens. The summary of the legal act in plain language has no legal value and does not replace the consultation of the legal act in the Diário da República.