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Decree Law No. 122/2010

Publication: Republic Diary No. 219/2010, Series I of 2010-11-11
  • Issuer: Ministry of Health
  • Diploma Type: Decree Law
  • Number: 122/2010
  • Pages: 5099 - 5101

Summary in plain english

What is it?

This decree-law details some of the rules of the new special nursing career in the public sector, including the pay scales.

What will change?
Levels in the new nursing career

The new nursing career has 11 levels for nurses and five levels for senior nurses.

However, team manager nurses (enfermeiro-chefe) and head nurses (enfermeiro-supervisor) will continue to exist within this career structure.

Pay scales

The table attached to the decree-law shows the pay scales for nurses and senior nurses.

Nurses or senior nurses with management roles are entitled to an extra payment:

  • 200 euros a month for managers
  • 300 euros a month for directors.
Transition to the new career

Workers moving to the new nursing career will receive, as a rule, the same salary.

By January 2013, “registered nurses” (enfermeiro graduado) at level 1 and “nurses” at levels 1 and 2 will enter the first level of the new special nursing career.

Transition date Nurses moving to the first level of the new career
1 January 2011 Registered nurses with positive performance assessment who have been at level 1 since, at least, 2004
1 January 2012 Registered nurses with positive performance assessment
1 January 2013 All other registered nurses
Nurses at levels 1 and 2

Until this transition is completed, the salary of newly recruited nurses in the public sector will be 1020.06 euros.

Proportion of senior nurses in each department

Between 10% and 25% of the nurses in each department, including those in management and director roles, must be senior nurses.

If a department requires more than 20% of senior nurses, it must request permission from the government members responsible for finances, public administration and health.

When does it come into effect?

This decree-law will come into effect within five days of being published. However, some of the changes it makes will only occur when the Portuguese performance appraisal system for the public sector (SIADAP) is adapted to include the nursing career.

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