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Regulatory Decree No. 6/2010

Publication: Republic Diary No. 250/2011, Series I of 2010-12-28
  • Issuer: Ministry of the Interior
  • Diploma Type: Regulatory Decree
  • Number: 6/2010
  • Pages: 5947 - 5955

Summary in plain english

What is it?

This regulatory decree defines the rules for the licensing of venues that will be used for target practice with firearms (shooting ranges).

What will change?

All the venues where there is target shooting with firearms (shooting ranges) need a license, except the ones that belong to the armed forces, the police and the Portuguese Sports Institute. To obtain a license, they must meet all the technical and safety standards defined by the Technical, Operating and Safety Regulations for Shooting Ranges (which is part of this regulatory decree).

These regulations define:

  • technical and safety features of shooting ranges (whether they are use for competitive shooting or any other kinds of shooting)
  • conduct and safety rules for shooters
  • licensing procedures.
How to request a license

Owners have 180 days, after this regulatory decree comes into effect, to request a license from the national director of the Public Security Police (PSP). If an owner has already requested a license and it is being processed, they have the same 180 days to deliver any extra documents required by this decree.

All shooting ranges may continue to function, while waiting for the PSP’s decision.

How the license is assigned

PSP checks if the shooting range meets all regulations. If these venues host competitions, the various shooting federations will visit the facilities and inform PSP whether the facilities meet the requirements.

If the venue complies with all the requirements, PSP will issue an operating license (alvará) that will be valid for 5 years.

What are its benefits?

This regulatory decree sets out conditions for target practice with firearms which comply with the safety standards defined by the international shooting federations.

When does it come into effect? 

This regulatory decree comes into effect five days after being published.

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