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Decree Law No. 22-D/2021

Publication: Republic Diary No. 56/2021, Series I of 2021-03-22
  • Issuer: Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  • Diploma Type: Decree Law
  • Number: 22-D/2021
  • Pages: 41-(10) a 41-(16)

Summary in plain english

What is it?

This decree-law approves a set of exceptional and temporary measures in response to the pandemic of the COVID-19 disease in the scope of basic and secondary education for the school year 2020/2021 regarding the assessment and certification of learning. What is going to change?

The execution, in the school year 2020/2021, of the following is cancelled:

    • The assessment tests of the 2nd, 5th and 8th grades of basic education;
    • The final exams of the 9th grade of basic education;
    • The national final exams, when taken by boarding students for the purposes of approval of subjects and conclusion of secondary education.

In the case of basic education:

    • For the assessment and conclusion of general basic education, specialised artistic courses and other training and educational offers, only the internal assessment is now considered;
    • The classification to be given in each subject takes into account the overall assessment of learning up to the end of the school year;
    • Students do not take the final cycle exams when these only exist for the purpose of continuing their studies;
    • Self-proposed students, including those in individual or home education, perform their assessment through frequency equivalence tests, for the purposes of cycle completion.

In the case of secondary education:

    • Only the internal assessment is considered;
    • The classification of each subject takes into consideration only the global assessment of learning by the end of the school year;
    • The final national examinations are only performed in the subjects required by higher education, for admission or, and only for this purpose, to improve grades.
    • If the final national exams are used for the final classification of the course only for further studies, the students are exempt from taking them.
    • Self-proposed students, including those in individual or home education, take frequency equivalence tests, which are replaced by national final examinations whenever possible.

In the case of vocational and artistic education, vocational and artistic aptitude tests can be taken at a distance.

What advantages does it bring?

This decree-law provides, as soon as possible, stability, security and certainty in the school environment in the face of the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

When does it enter into force?

This decree-law enters into force on the day following its publication.

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