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Decree Law No. 22-A/2021

Publication: Republic Diary No. 53/2021, Series I of 2021-03-17
  • Issuer: Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  • Diploma Type: Decree Law
  • Number: 22-A/2021
  • Pages: 45-(2) a 45-(8)

Summary in plain english

What is it?

This decree-law adopts a series of measures in the fight against the pandemic, both from an epidemiological perspective and from a perspective of social and economic support to families and companies.

What is going to change?

The admissibility of certain documents has been extended until 31 December 2021, such as:

    • Medical certificates for the evaluation of incapacity that expire in 2021;
    • Citizen cards;
    • Certificates;
    • Certificates issued by the civil registry and identification services;
    • Documents and visas related to the stay in national territory;
    • Licences and authorisations, as well as ADSE family beneficiary cards.

Provisional certificates of registration, which expire after 25 January 2021, are automatically revalidated for 60 days.

The obligation for catering and beverages service providers to adapt to the obligations of not using and not making available single-use plastic tableware is extended until 1 July 2021.

Similarly, the duration of the exceptional and temporary scheme regarding insurance contracts is extended until 30 September 2021.

Also within the scope of companies, given the difficulties experienced by employers in meeting the deadline of 15 April for the approval and posting of the holiday map, this deadline is extended to 15 May 2021, regardless of the type of employment contract in question.

In order to reduce the burden on companies and other legal persons, the annual confirmation of the information in the Central Register of the Actual Beneficiary will be waived in 2021, provided that no change of information has occurred.

Provision is also made for the possibility that general meetings of commercial companies, cooperatives and associations, which are required by law or the articles of association, may be held until 30 June 2021 or, in the case of cooperatives and associations with more than 100 cooperative members or associates, until 30 September.

Given the high drop in demand in taxi transport, it is important to provide that the suspension and presumption of abandonment of the exercise, which normally occurs after 365 consecutive days since the issue of the last receipt and which determines the expiry of the right to the licence, does not apply until 31 December 2021.

In terms of social action, the period of stay in shelters that ends before 30 June 2021 will be extended, allowing for an adequate response both in shelters and in emergency shelters that are part of the national support network for victims of domestic violence.

There is also the need to support the social residential responses regarding many of the prevention measures to fight the pandemic, providing for the extension of the duration of protocols for conducting screening tests signed with third parties.

In higher education, and given the suspension of face-to-face activities that have not been replaced by digital means, it is determined that the deadlines that were suspended, determined by national or foreign public authority and that apply to entities hosting scholarship holders, are not counted, up to a limit of two months, for the purpose of the maximum duration of research scholarships which expected end has occurred or will occur during the first quarter of 2021.

In the context of fuel management works, the deadline is extended until 15 May 2021 for individuals, forest producers and land and infrastructure management entities to carry out fuel management works. It is also determined the extension of the deadline, until 31 May 2021, for the approval or updating of Municipal Plans for the Defence of Forests against Fires.

Preliminary marriage processes that preceded marriages celebrated between 9 March 2020 and the entry into force of this diploma, in which the six-month period has not been observed, will be considered automatically revalidated, with no payment of fees.

If there is the need to request the organization of a new preliminary process of marriage, from the date of entry into force of this, due to the expiration of the previous process, the presentation of the documents that were part of the previous process is exempted, as long as they remain valid or are legally accepted, and the payment of fees is not necessary.

Requests for the instauration of a new preliminary process of marriage, arising from the expiration of the deadline for the celebration of the marriage, may be submitted by electronic mail to the institutional address of the registry office that organized the preliminary process of marriage, without prejudice of the usual means of presentation provided by law.

What advantages does it bring?

This decree-law allows fighting the pandemic, ensuring that the constraints arising from it do not interfere with essential aspects of the lives of Portuguese citizens and the activity of companies, such as those relating to documents.

When does it enter into force?

This decree-law enters into force on 18 March 2021.

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