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Regulatory Decree No. 11/2018

Publication: Republic Diary No. 238/2018, Series I of 2018-12-11
  • Issuer: Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  • Diploma Type: Regulatory Decree
  • Number: 11/2018
  • Pages: 5736 - 5737

Summary in plain english

What is it?

This regulatory decree implements the access to a social benefit by disability pensioners living in poverty, who are not covered by the Social Benefit for Inclusion.

What is going to change?

The amendment of the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly reinforces the fight against the poverty of the holders of a Disability Pension, who do not benefit from the Social Benefit for Inclusion.

The individuals who may request the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly are the ones who:
    • Are Disability Pensioners; and
    • Do not benefit from the Social Benefit for Inclusion.
What advantages does it bring?

This regulatory decree aims to:

    • Improve the social protection of disability pensioners;
    • Fight situations of poverty of disabled or handicap individuals.
When does it enter into force?

This regulatory decree enters into force on the day following its publication and takes effect on 1 October 2018.

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