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Decree Law No. 108/2017

Publication: Republic Diary No. 167/2017, Series I of 2017-08-30
  • Issuer: Health
  • Diploma Type: Decree Law
  • Number: 108/2017
  • Pages: 5230 - 5233

Summary in plain english

What is it?

This decree-law creates the pharmacist career:

  • in hospitals and other healthcare establishments that are public business entities (EPE)
  • in privately managed and financed health establishments integrated in the National Health System (SNS).

It also defines the rules, professional conditions and qualifications required.

These rules do not affect the application of the Labor Code rules, nor do they prevent health establishments and pharmacists from defining rules for their own employment contracts (as long as they are compatible with the general principles set out in this decree-law).

What will change?

The pharmacist career is created for public healthcare establishments that are EPE and private health institutions that are partners of the SNS.

The professional qualification requirements for integration in this career are defined.

These rules apply to pharmacists with an individual employment contract who work in the health establishments referred to above.

The pharmacist career has three categories
  • assistant pharmacist
  • consultant pharmacist
  • senior consultant pharmacist.

The tasks performed by pharmacists in each category and the conditions for accessing each of them are described in detail in this decree-law.

The requirements to enter the pharmacist career are:

  • a permanent pharmacist title issued by the Pharmacists Association
  • a specialist title in the area in which you will work.
The career of a pharmacist is organized in three specialties
  • clinical tests
  • hospital pharmacy
  • human genetics.

Other new areas may be created, which may or may not be included with those referred to above. New areas are created by ordinance of the ministers of Finance, Public Administration and Health.

What are its benefits?

This decree-law is intended to ensure that all pharmacists of establishments providing public health services:

  • have access to the same professional career and the same rights and duties
  • can be "transferred" from one health facility to another.
When does it come into effect?

This decree-law comes into effect the day after being published.

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