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Decree Law No. 69/2017

Publication: Republic Diary No. 115/2017, Series I of 2017-06-16
  • Issuer: Health
  • Diploma Type: Decree Law
  • Number: 69/2017
  • Pages: 3036 - 3037

Summary in plain english

What is it?

This decree-law changes some of the functions of the Directorate-General for Health and the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health.

What will change? Directorate-General for Health ceases to manage Linha Saúde 24 (Health Line 24)

Health Line 24 is a service available 24 hours a day via telephone (or chat for people with hearing or speech difficulties), which provides information, answers questions and directs users to the appropriate health services. Soon, it will provide long distance health care and allow users to schedule appointments and medical examinations.

From now on, Health Line 24 will be operated by the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, due to the new services being provided and its technological focus. The Directorate-General for Health will continue to evaluate the quality of the services provided.

New support and monitoring teams at the Directorate-General for Health

The multidisciplinary team dedicated to Health Line 24 gives way to a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the Assessment and Management of Radiation Associated Risks. The multidisciplinary team that supports the National Health Authority now includes the Center for Public Health Emergency.

What are its benefits?

This decree-law aims to simplify access to and use of the National Health Service and increase its efficiency.

When does it come into effect?

This decree-law comes into effect the day after being published.

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